Mountains Into Town

from by Radoslav Lorkovic



The allure of an 80's corporate job drew my longtime girl into a gleaming Chicago building. After I retreated its shine faded. A lunchtime encounter with an itinerant Peruvian band changed all that. Winter '91.


She worked in an office
somewhere on the eighth floor
one day she knew
she couldn't take it no more
she left for lunch early
just to see the sun shine
walking straight down the street
behind Chicago's skyline
she stumbled on the curb
got in somebody's way
then off in the distance
she heard the pipes play
the drums drew her closer
the guitars did strum
it was right then she knew
shed be on the run


She'd been out running
runnin' around
till she met the man
who brought the mountains into town
she'd been feelin'
feeling low down
then she met the man
who brought the mountains into town

They got in that Chevy
with illegal plates
drove half way to Reno
straight down the interstate
pulled off for some cigarettes
and a full tank of gas
listening to the roar
as the big semis passed
she went to the payphone
digging for some change
tried to call an old friend
way behind the front range
the lines were all busy
she couldn't get through
she felt kind of funny
she did what she had to do


The people pass by
as they play on the street
sometime she still sits and watches
right on top of the beat
the world moves so fast
people don't hear a sound
but just for a split second
when they're walking around
they know something's different
as they move down the line
the wind keeps on blowing
the midday sun shines
when the music from the mountains
makes its way into town
there's no way of knowing
what's gonna go down


They'd all gather
come from miles around
just to see man
who brought the mountains into town
there was no way of knowing
if she'd ever come round
after she met the man
who brought the mountains into town


from High and Dry, released June 10, 1995


all rights reserved



Radoslav Lorković Chicago, Illinois

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