Back when a out of state drive seemed like an exotic tour, I pointed my rusty Toyota south to downstate Illinois. Nearing the gig--a BMW motorcycle rally--I marveled at how different everything looked. When a rickety tractor hauled an enormous load of watermelons up a seemingly impossible hill it hit me.....I'm way down south! August '92. Updated Austin style from High and Dry.


Brown shiny Lincoln at a four way stop
drivin' my car, carryin' all that I got
got my foot to the floor, got my windows rolled down
ain't gonna stop 'til I hit Memphis town

Headin' south
on a two lane road
think I'm losin' control
'fore I get old
I just might never go home
baby you and me
like a river to the sea
can't turn around
'til I hit Memphis town

I'm tired of cold weather, tired of cold stares
tired of monotone voices, with nothing to say
I'm tired of motion, tired of fast pace
tired of jerking around without rhythm or grace


I've been to both coasts, even been to Italy
I've traveled three continents with regularity
every where that I go, every one that I meet
could be doctors or lawyers or just people on the streets
I hear it in their voice, that unmistakable sound
calling me back, time after time



from Wastelands and Casinos, released September 10, 2010


all rights reserved



Radoslav Lorković Chicago, Illinois

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