Shortly after the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah I drifted northern Montana to a much smaller festival. How was I to know that the pace of the jamming would actually ACCELERATE! This festival in Stillwater Landing is reserved exclusively to pilots of float planes. They crowded the skies, awaiting their turn to splash down. A forest fire raged to the west. The smoke blew clear. The musicians were carted in by less exotic means. Maybe it was the fire -- a French Canadian song sung by Emily --or the truly endless jams that put this one into motion. August 2008


We danced as the forest did burn
just over the hill as it lit up the lake
you smoked as your cigarette
glowed lighting your face
like a dim cabaret
you sang that song from Quebec
with familiar tone
which the chorus did change


que tu chante
comme le feu
dans la foret

do re mi
we did sing
woody guthrie
not so far away

I saw a thin plume of smoke
a red accordion
was strapped to my chest
It sang in Italian
your hand turned away
to the darkening sky
we swam like a star in the sea
just me and you
and an angel or two



from Wastelands and Casinos, released September 10, 2010


all rights reserved



Radoslav Lorković Chicago, Illinois

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