Wastelands and Casinos

by Radoslav Lorkovic

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released September 10, 2010

Recorded by Fred Remmert at Cedar Creek Studios, Austin, TX

Produced by Radoslav Lorković

John Inmon: Guitar
Bobby Kallus: Drums
Glenn Schuetz: Bass
Radoslav Lorković: Piano, Vocals

Marie, Annie, and Jeannie Burns - The Burns Sisters
Shawn Davis and Nick Randolph

Photography: Sandy Dyas, www.sandydyas.com

Design: Bryan Peterson, www.peterson.com

Thanks to Jimmy LaFave, Fred Remmert, Kelcy Warren, The Burns Sisters, Stonehoney, Bianca, and Nancy

Thanks to Sandy Dyas for her artistic insight

Thanks to Karin


all rights reserved



Radoslav Lorković Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Elysian Fields
Before there was heaven
down in New Orleans
there was always a place
called Elysian Fields
come hell or high water
throughout history
you cross the big river
to Elysian Fields

They looked to the big muddy
when the big wind did blow
but from where that water came
they never did know
as they dodged that bullet
or so they were told
they went to a place
where legends do go


The Red Sea was parted
so long ago
where Noah's great Ark went
we may never know
those two lanes of pavement
about ten feet below
will take you to heaven
either way that you go

Track Name: Emily
We danced as the forest did burn
just over the hill as it lit up the lake
you smoked as your cigarette
glowed lighting your face
like a dim cabaret
you sang that song from Quebec
with familiar tone
which the chorus did change


que tu chante
comme le feu
dans la foret

do re mi
we did sing
woody guthrie
not so far away

I saw a thin plume of smoke
a red accordion
was strapped to my chest
It sang in Italian
your hand turned away
to the darkening sky
we swam like a star in the sea
just me and you
and an angel or two

Track Name: Headin' South
Brown shiny Lincoln at a four way stop
drivin' my car, carryin' all that I got
got my foot to the floor, got my windows rolled down
ain't gonna stop 'til I hit Memphis town

Headin' south
on a two lane road
think I'm losin' control
'fore I get old
I just might never go home
baby you and me
like a river to the sea
can't turn around
'til I hit Memphis town

I'm tired of cold weather, tired of cold stares
tired of monotone voices, with nothing to say
I'm tired of motion, tired of fast pace
tired of jerking around without rhythm or grace


I've been to both coasts, even been to Italy
I've traveled three continents with regularity
every where that I go, every one that I meet
could be doctors or lawyers or just people on the streets
I hear it in their voice, that unmistakable sound
calling me back, time after time

Track Name: Tallest Tree
Trailers and tallgrass where the buffalo roam
scrappy dry oak trees bout a thousand years old
just down the lane from old Woody's road
dust flies in the mirror rocks ping below

If a tree fell in the forest did it happen at all?
But the silence is deafening when the tallest tree falls

Beneath stillwaters plays on the radio
Orion's wide belt is starting to show
Bibles are thumping just down the road
smoke trails from a chimney just ahead of the cold


When the sun goes down
through sand and time
its just your light
that makes the red dirt shine

Track Name: Troy America
Well I've seen the whitewater fly
Running up - then down the Kootenai
I seen those trucks in the clear bright moonlight
having just crossed the great divide

Nothing like the sound of a White Freightliner
gearing down on the highline
right here in Troy America

There's nothing quite like the sound
Of a freight train whistle Seattle bound
The mountains sure carry the train bound for glory
As its leaving the Rockies behind

Nothing like the sound of a freight train smokin
bearing down on the highline
right here in Troy America

I was most certain I found
As I stopped to wander around
I never heard music
like the clear eerie singing
from the front porch at the far end of town

Nothin' like the sound of a front door slammin'
out in clear broad daylight
right here in Troy America

Nothin' like the sound of a White Freightliner
gearing down on the highline
right here in Troy ------- America
Track Name: Louisiana Angel
She was born down on the bayou
not far from LaFayette
traveling north by northeast steady
she hasn't quite stopped yet
she wound up on a glacier
hanging wide between two falls
she's there if you can rise up
steady against the wall

She's my Louisiana Angel
In a snow covered land
coming in and out of range
if you need a helping hand

She's my Louisiana angel
she always knows who I am
Never feel like a stranger
as I pass through this land

So if you're up in north Montana
better think twice before you fall
cause its only rollin' steady
risin up out of Great Falls
you can find it on the radar
if the signal starts to fade
better check in with your angel
all the way from LaFayette

Track Name: Not The Wind
I heard someone calling
through a half open door
The rain started falling
As they cried out for more
Then I felt a distant rumbling
the floorboards creaked and groaned
the candlelight did flicker
dust blew by the window


Its not the wind
crate to crate
on some boxcar
face to face
Its not the wind
just the wheels below
you and me baby
with no place to go
No, No
Its not the wind

We rode all night together
like we did so long ago
you were light as a feather
I swore I'd never let you go
As the traffic light was changing
I saw the first ray of the dawn
My thoughts were rearranging
why you were suddenly gone



I heard it in the distance
calling clearly through the night
your voice was singing strongly
through someone else's mouth

Track Name: Edge of the World
I remember the way she caught his eye
As if a 747 flew by
Just sat there dazed for a while
Had the strangest look in his eye

Cold wind blows the fire still burns
Since my friend fell off the edge of the world
Can't believe what you might've heard
Since my friend fell off the edge of the world
Rumors fly we may never learn
why my friend fell off the edge of the world
I sure hope some day he'll return
Since my friend fell off the edge of the world

We always found a way to kill time
On the secondary gravel so fine
Never had to find the white line
Drinking as the ditches flew by


Everything was going just fine
We hadn't even crossed the county
Then they put him on a firing line
He won't be back to tell us this time

Track Name: Just Share Me Once
We kissed as this dream did unfold
I knew it'd be gone before too long
I brushed the tattoo on your arm
just like you played it in your song

Just share me once and I'll need you all night long
Don't scare be now or I'll leave you before long
I dare you once just to hear what might go wrong
I'll pay the price for this old elusive song

I walked the dog down main street where
I saw your face on the other end
I thought of what I might have said
I will always remember when


I'm writing on a paper bag
what should have been said long ago
through the sketches of my conscious mind
reminds me of my concubine

Track Name: Wheels of Steel

Wheels of steel
blades of grass
way I feel
you aint comin' back

The UP boys are working
on a hundred miles of track
by this time tomorrow morning
there'll be no turning back


The sun shines cool and frosty
down the two converging tracks
I hear a distant rumbling
sweat's beading down my back


As the train hit central city
it was swaying side to side
the girls there sure are pretty
there's just one less round to ride

Track Name: Wastelands and Casinos
Its headed right down the middle of the road
its on a flight plan that's just about to load
you can fight for some enigmatic code
but you just might never make it home

the cold wind is always sure to blow
down the back roads of where you've been before
the jackknifed semis down the road
won't crack under the pressure and the load

you cant stop the wind in the middle of Wyoming
the dust storms in the panhandle will never stop blowing
the right wing of a dove wont flap any harder
no matter how far you have to get to the border

The white sands and missiles pass you by
like a straight flush that's handed on the fly
the wastelands and casinos of your mind
wont bring back those things you left behind

your waistband is stretching near and far
the wristband they gave you has expired
your past life is headed to the bar
as you orbit around some failed star


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