High and Dry

by Radoslav Lorkovic

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Lorković, who is accompanied by his old mates Greg Brown and Bo Ramsey, plays in a funky yet understated jazz/blues style reminiscent at times of a more intimate and less frantic Professor Longhair. - Paul Comeau (Dirty Linen)


released June 10, 1995

Dedicated to my Grandma, Antonia Bujas

Greg Brown:
Guitar, Harmony Vocals (2,3,7,9)

Mike Fong:

Radoslav Lorković:
Piano, Accordion, Vocals

Dean Magraw:
Guitar (1,5)

Bo Ramsey:
Guitar (2,3,4,7,6,9)

Produced By:
Radoslav Lorković and Greg Brown

Recorded By:
Tom Mudge at Studio M, St Paul, MN

Radoslav Lorković

Bryan Peterson, www.peterson.com

Special Thanks to:
Mike Fong and Sandy Dyas


all rights reserved



Radoslav Lorković Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: The Good Goes with the Bad
You've been hiding out with strangers
tryin' to make the scene
flirting with the dangers
of this overcrowded dream

The good goes with the bad
Honey your good love is the best I ever had

He can coddle you with caution
he can fly just like the wind
he'll never take you places
you know you've already been


Outside a cold wind's blowin
its warm here in this bed
someone's singing to me
over over in my head tellin me

Track Name: High And Dry

They say my trailer's high and dry
somehow the water passed it by
how was I supposed to know
I'm still down in Mexico
They say my truck is running fine
all four wheels still touch the ground
baby since you let me go
got no reason to go home

Roads washed out the phones are down
looks like disaster all around
all my friends they moved to town
there's just no point in hanging round
water's up to my front door
the one you slammed a year ago
guess I must've left in time
bartender one more with a lime


I've seen it all from this here bar
It's front page news both near and far
the storms that drove me from my home
came way before the waters rose
they say it rained both night and day
till that old levee washed away
ah but it don't mean a thing
the sun shines hot, my head just spins

Track Name: Headin' South
Brown shiny Lincoln at a four way stop
drivin my car, carryin' all that I got
got my foot to the floor, got my windows rolled down
ain't gonna stop 'til I hit Memphis town


Headin' south
on a two lane road
think I'm losin' control
'fore I get old
I just might never go home
baby you and me
like a river to the sea
can't turn around
'til I hit Memphis town

I'm tired of cold weather, tired of cold stares
tired of monotone voices, with nothing to say
I'm tired of motion, tired of fast pace
tired of jerking around without rhythm or grace


I've been to both coasts, even been to Italy
I've traveled three continents with regularity
every where that I go, every one that I meet
could be doctors or lawyers or just people on the streets
I hear it in their voice, that unmistakable sound
calling me back, time after time

Track Name: Closin' Time
I smell the smoke from your bottle blond hair
I see the Mississippi river everywhere
like a bottle of beer up on a roof
you got me floating downstream without a line or a hook

I see your face in the shadow of a neon sign
like a double Ferris wheel down by the county line
shinin' straight through the cornfields and the highway signs
as the fireflies dance and thunder fills the sky


You got me shakin like a moth on a buzzing beer sign
you got me sneaking down the alley trying to stay out of sight
you got me climbing up a fire escape ladder in the night
just a few rungs below you know I couldn't look down

I just hope I can find you
I just hope I can find you
I just hope I can find you
'fore closing time

When I saw you last night I knew you'd put me down
then you started talking 'bout that old river town
the crows were crowing
the ravens were raving
bats were buzzing
the angels were singing

Track Name: Canadian Highway
I've been ridin' all night on this Canadian highway
northern lights light up the sky
radio plays from a Thunder Bay station
its been a mile since a car passed me by


Here the nights a little colder
road's a little longer
wind blows a little harder
and the drinks are a little stronger
the sky's a little clearer
the light's a little lower
and the miles keep rollin on by

I met you one night on the Canadian highway
on your way down to old New Orleans
you got in real slow
I felt the cold wind blow
As we rode down to Sault Ste. Marie


Got a few miles to go on the Canadian highway
I listen to my old motor run
Its good bye to the Great Lakes
good morning steak and eggs
as we ride down to the Delta sun

Track Name: That Girl of Mine
Up Sunday morning
in late last night
head hurts but I feel fine
I just reach over
under the covers
she's in there all the time
coffee's dripping
bacon's frying
sun shining through the blinds
one eye's half open
other's still dreaming
'bout that little girl of mine


Look at that girl of mine
look at that girl of mine
no gymnastics
no smoke and mirrors
you know she moves just fine
look at that girl of mine
look at that girl of mine
just like a freight train
out on a flat plain
shes rollin' down the line

Cool in the summer
warm in the winter
she makes my temperature rise
just like ice cream
on apple pie
she melts me down each time
early in the morning
late in the evening
her lovin's right on time
she'll take me down south
or round the world
on Central Daylight Time

Track Name: Privileged Pain
My wheels are spinning and my head is aching
these mud roads will be full of rocks this spring
birds fly by to sit down by the river
headed back from way down south to where they've been


I may be a fool for twisted pleasure
I don't want to feel your privileged pain
after you buried him in your own backyard
you just left me standing in the rain

This morning I heard shovels and a backhoe
must've been that big guy down the lane
he's fighting nature with his guns and heavy equipment
he don't stand a chance against the rain


Its raining from the mountains to the desert
its raining from the Great Lakes to the sea
its raining on some small town in New England
Its raining on the hills of Italy

Track Name: Mountains Into Town
She worked in an office
somewhere on the eighth floor
one day she knew
she couldn't take it no more
she left for lunch early
just to see the sun shine
walking straight down the street
behind Chicago's skyline
she stumbled on the curb
got in somebody's way
then off in the distance
she heard the pipes play
the drums drew her closer
the guitars did strum
it was right then she knew
shed be on the run


She'd been out running
runnin' around
till she met the man
who brought the mountains into town
she'd been feelin'
feeling low down
then she met the man
who brought the mountains into town

They got in that Chevy
with illegal plates
drove half way to Reno
straight down the interstate
pulled off for some cigarettes
and a full tank of gas
listening to the roar
as the big semis passed
she went to the payphone
digging for some change
tried to call an old friend
way behind the front range
the lines were all busy
she couldn't get through
she felt kind of funny
she did what she had to do


The people pass by
as they play on the street
sometime she still sits and watches
right on top of the beat
the world moves so fast
people don't hear a sound
but just for a split second
when they're walking around
they know something's different
as they move down the line
the wind keeps on blowing
the midday sun shines
when the music from the mountains
makes its way into town
there's no way of knowing
what's gonna go down


They'd all gather
come from miles around
just to see man
who brought the mountains into town
there was no way of knowing
if she'd ever come round
after she met the man
who brought the mountains into town

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