Clear and Cold

by Radoslav Lorkovic

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Originally recorded and released in 1990, Clear and Cold has been digitally remastered and has all new package design. The digital download includes a pdf of the album art and liner notes. Each track also displays a unique picture from Rad’s photos taken on the road when played on a compatible music player (like iTunes.)


released June 1, 2013

Executive Producers:
Tatjana Lorković & Hrvoje Lorković

Produced by:
Bo Ramsey & Radoslav Lorković

Piano, Accordion, Vocals:
Radoslav Lorković:

Guitars, Vocals:
Bo Ramsey

Greg Brown

Prudence Johnson

Digital Recording:
Tom Mudge at Studio M, St. Paul, MN (1990)

Digital Remastering:
John Silva, Cedar Creek Studio, Austin, TX

Nan Schwarz, Radoslav Lorković

Bryan Peterson,

Special Thanks:
Greg Brown

Special Thanks:
Jimmy LaFave and Music Road Records

Dedicated to:
Melita Lorković


all rights reserved



Radoslav Lorković Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Northwind
A ship sat docked in the harbor
Huron Cement painted on the side
a seagull flew by calling out
to a clear blue sky
a smokestack flashed in the distance
as the sun began to rise
a smile shone through the corner
of your dark brown eyes


And the northwind began to blow
through your hair and the trees
all along the shore
through my heart as you said
you had to go
down the road I still feel it blowing
clear and cold

The ship still sits in the harbor
though the winds changed course
the hot summer air blows
through an open car door
just as we're sitting there talking
I feel a change in the night
and the feeling starts to shine
through the faint starlight


I'm standing here alone
as the clouds fill the sky
the ship's on its way down south
leaving its cargo behind
It's time for me to leave
you're already long gone
I'll never really know
but I'll be back before too long

Track Name: Mexican Cafe
Came over back in '64
couldn't 've been much more than seven or so
I remember all the things I saw
just like they happened yesterday
I used to listen to the radio
really didn't want to do much more
I knew it wouldn't get me far
I'd still listen anyway


My baby's working in a Mexican cafe
somewhere down San Diego way
Yeah, that's what I hear people say
Up here in America
my baby's working in a Mexican cafe
I know that there's no way she's gonna stay
sometimes I still hear her say
just like they do here in America

The years went by and took their toll
it was getting up towards '84
I remember knocking on my baby's door
she'd always let in to stay
one day my baby said she had to go
somewhere far away, didn't know for sure
I knew she couldn't take much more
I never thought she'd go away


Now I'm playing in this smoky bar
people tell me that I'll never get far
they say I gotta try and be a star
but I always seem to stay
now the people come and people go
I still listen to the radio
hoping someday I'll have something to show
and maybe something more to stay

Track Name: Roll On Through
I'm walking down on main street
of a tiny little river town
the moon is slowly rising
and the sun ain't even all the way down
the people walk by slowly
as the streetlights, they glow 'til dawn
took a couple hours to get here
might be forever before I'm gone


The Mississippi rolls through my mind
and it rolls over my shoes
rolls through my heart
rolls on through to you
it rolls all night long
gonna roll 'til the morning come
it's gonna roll
we're gonna roll right with it

The trains roll right on through
you can hear the whistle down the line
tracks run right down mainstreet
you can hear the wheels creak and grind
the water stays still and cool
as the big boats pass on through
slip through the locks in order
on their way down to the deep bayou


They tell me I gotta keep movin'
No matter what I feel inside
The world's out there waiting
better not get too far behind
ride them four lane highways
make wure you're right on time
ain't nothin' in world gonna stop
this water movin down the line

Track Name: Doin' It
Written by: Henry Roeland Byrd
Track Name: Ridin' on the Night Train
Hitched a ride to Chicago
got on board a big airplane
put my things upon the counter
left my baby in the rain
by the time I crossed the ocean
wasn't sure just why I came
these towns they look a little different
I still feel about the same


I'm ridin on the night train
headed for the station
got my ticket in my pocket
headed for some destination
not sure how I got here
I sure hope I make it back
but for now I'll keep on movin'
down this shiny railroad track

Took a seat back in the cabin
threw my things up on the rack
these people must be going somewhere
this train's still rollin' down the track
this guy he speaks a little english
I still speak a little french
by the time we cross the border
won't make no difference anyway



They might becoming from Morocco
they might be coming in from Spain
ridin' in the sunshine
darting through the rain
they're dreaming about Paris
they're thinking about the States
you know they've never been there
their friends all tell 'em it'll be great

Track Name: Allegra
The crowd gathered slowly
the band would start to play
you're father's first solo
would catch them right away
the music within him
came out so soft and smooth
the velvet tone of his saxophone
would gently fill the room
as she walked into the place
his playing would start to soar
he'd be playin' cool, it'd come out hot
the crowd would yell for more
like the light that danced upon his horn
his playing would start to shine
he'd play each note so soulfully
it'd make her feel so fine


They tried to find the sun
it was nowhere in sight
the moon could only offer
pale reflected light
like the San Francisco stars
they saw that night
still shine in your eyes
ever so bright

The music keeps on playing
crowd's still on their feet
night still keeps on rollin'
in time with the drummer's beat
he plays a little colder
his tone's a little rough
feel's he's growing older
still the crowd can't get enough
there's one more empty table
in the corner of the room
he pretends he doesn't notice
goes on to the next tune
the lights begin to flicker
the crowd begins to fade
the hollow sounds of his last notes
make him wish that she'd stayed

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