Blue Parade

by Radoslav Lorkovic

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**Blue Parade CDs are almost out of stock.. only a few copies remain. It won't be back in the catalog for a couple of years, so grab a copy of the CD now if you were thinking of buying one!**

"Radoslav Lorković, perhaps best known as an accompanist for folk and roots performers (Richard Shindell, Jimmy, LaFave, Greg Brown, and others), has quietly released six albums of his own personal material. On his latests recording, Blue Parade, Lorković's piano and accordion take center stage with sparse cello accompaniment by Lee Zimmerman. Lorković's years of training in classical music, as well as his deep appreciation of blues and folk, are reflected in the album's 11 tracks..." - Dirty Linen, April/May '06


released March 12, 2005

Radoslav Lorković:
Vocals, Piano, and Accordion

Lee Zimmerman:

Recorded at :
First United Methodist Church, Missoula, Montana

Cello tracks recorded at:
Cold Plunge Studio, Hot Springs, Montana

Engineered by:
Lee Zimmerman,

Mixed by:
Lars - Erik Pointer

Lars - Erik Pointer

Radoslav Lorković

Produced By:
Radoslav Lorković and Lee Zimmerman

Cover Photo:
Sandy Dyas,

Special Thanks to:
Heather Reichert for raising the musical bar
Lee & Jo for making this happen
Nancy Emrich & Lilfest Productions,


all rights reserved



Radoslav Lorković Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Change
Same job another plane
same day another name
same life different aim
same sex different frame
same girl forgot her name
same mine without a claim
same as cash 90 days
same day deliveries


Gonna change everywhere
never be the same
gonna change everywhere
while we play the game
gonna change everywhere
noone left to blame
gonna change everywhere
like the falling rain

Same old same old
same view all over again
same dame no flame
same lame damn pain
same dress different hair
same stock different affair
same dime another line
same same
shame shame

Track Name: Big Time
Took a trip to New York City
thought I'd make a little change
came back home last Friday evening
it all seemed like such a shame


Everybody's hit the bigtime
nothing is the same
everybody's hit the bigtime
I'm still out here in the rain

All those folks I'd hang around with
they used to call me by my name
all those joints we'd knock around in
they fixed them up so slick and lame


Don't wanna move, don't wanna budge
don't wanna hold this bitter grudge
don't really care, its neither here nor there
I just cant find it, I just can't find it

The women came the women went
yeah its pretty much the same old game
Now they're too good to be true
That leaves only me to blame

everybody's hit the bigtime
just like a westbound train
everybody'd hit the bigtime
bigtime, just the same
Track Name: Blue Parade
I stand up in shock
as I catch a spark
of your beautiful blue parade
I feel like I'm lost
like a silver coin tossed
in your beautiful blue parade

Well it goes like a river running through
the steady falling rain
Could be the Po, the Mississippi, I don't know
I just see it that way

Up in the air just before the sun
on your beautiful blue parade
I see the silvery mists and the twinkling lights
of your beautiful blue parade
I'm floating through space, without any grace
o'er your beautiful blue parade
I don't care if I fall, just as long as its all
in your beautiful blue parade


As I waddle around, both feet on the ground
by your beautiful blue parade
I must've traveled the world, halfway around
to your beautiful blue parade
The days come and go, the water moves slow
through your beautiful blue parade
Like the snow and the rain, it'll never be the same
In your beautiful blue parade

Track Name: Jackie
Jackie knows the spot
where the huckleberries hide
they stick to her like glue in summertime
she'll hum her favorite song
when the girls are not around
lately its the sea that's on her mind


Two thousand miles down that old marine highway
they ended up somewhere on the high line
She says the tide will soon be turning my way
coz the river's flowing north in my backyard

I stumbled into her early one morning
I hadn't thought of turning on the light
She'll cut you slack, but sometimes, without warning
She'll make you hope you sang her song just right


The say that summertime is almost over
as it slips into that minor key
The berries are all gone, their flavor lingers on
While someone sits just thinking of the sea

two thousand miles up that old marine highway
the mountains shine in everlasting light
the says the tide will soon be turning my way
coz the river's running north in my backyard
Track Name: Jerusalem
Take all your false prophets
put em in a row
your crescents and your crosses
better nail 'em to you door
the star in the middle
will be coming back for more
in the the new configuration
of the middleastern war

One count early and one count slow
one drop will take you to Jerusalem
one count early and one count slow
one drop will take you to Jerusalem

take your new coat of armor
and a broad bladed sword
night vision goggles
laser guided bombs
you keep making rubble
out of some sacred stone
with the flash in the distance
that comes just before the dawn


Keep the drum that you're beating
up to the microphone
the thunder in the distance
will be here before you know
as the walls come tumbling
like they did so long ago
when Joshua fit the battle
of old Jericho
Track Name: Wheels of Steel

Wheels of steel
blades of grass
way I feel
you aint comin' back

The UP boys are working
on a hundred miles of track
by this time tomorrow morning
there'll be no turning back


The sun shines cool and frosty
down the two converging tracks
I hear a distant rumbling
sweat's beading down my back


As the train hit central city
it was swaying side to side
the girls there sure are pretty
there's just one less round to ride

Track Name: Horseshoe Bar
Two bottle blonds
one horsehoe bar
Pabst Blue Ribbon shines
like the evening star
parallel universe
parallel fifths
bottles of Jack
stacked through Doppler shifts
train whistle fading on a Mississippi track
he don't know you from Adam
but he'll watch your back

Guy next to me's German
he don't remember much
like that translucent smile
with that Velcro touch
stalactites stalagmites
teeth and dental floss
cool spring rains fall
from Prairie to LaCrosse
open bag of Cheetos
generic potato chips
houseboats being rented
from old unrented slips

Showers to the north
the weatherman always says
hard to tell at times
though I feel their wicked ways
Twisters spun last Tuesday night
I missed it all of course
driving down the freeway
without pride or remorse
river rats float downstream
past cypress trees and bars
airlines post last minute fares
can't stop these balding tires

Memphis calls from way downstream
St. Paul echoes blandly
I'm somewhere halfway between
not feeling too half badly
the Northwest calls
the Midwest sighs
the south knows so much more
these rivers flow in such a way
around this molten core
two bottle blonds, one horseshoe bar
Pabst Blue Ribbon shines
like the evening star
Track Name: Loser
Must've been up Prairie way
he opened up the bar
word spread through the river towns
they came from near and far

They crowned him loser
for a day
they crowned him loser
for a day

He came in on the gambling boats
from down in New Orleans
played five card stud on the open deck
of the Mississippi Queen


Had one glass eye and a wooden leg
silver pony tail
ladies smiled as he crossed the bar
took off his beret


Someday he'd get down to Mexico
where the chilly winds don't blow
someday he'd hang in the Aztec sun
someday he'd take it slow


The lights came up and the music stopped
people headed for the door
as the smoke cleared out it left some doubt
just how long he'd have to go...till..

Track Name: Calypso
The tide keeps turning and the toast is on fire
my mind keeps spinning on these telephone wires
coffee's boiling in some third world empire
trying to stand

Freedom's calling and the coffee said
might be calypso, might be calypso
and I don't know why

Last night I swore I could've ate a whole tiger
loved like a lion, set the place on fire
now its all just a dream
trying to stand


A little birdie told me you'd be gone in an hour
how was I supposed to know
I was under its power
now its back to the dream
trying to stand
I hear music from speakers that are way underpowered
all these woofers and tweeters and a lone amplifier
how the hell am I supposed to sort out this mess
while trying to stand

Track Name: Wrong Track
Flat light out on a broken prairie
clouds hang low through February
four lane highways going nowhere
under overpasses sinking lower and lower

wind blows grey through tangled grasses
howling out of tune for the forgotten masses
creaking signpost pointing bad directions
telephone poles making bad connections

Sun don't shine this time of year
moon won't move when the stars appear
earth won't curve till you straighten out your act
but you feel just like a freight train
when you're down the wrong track

three-D clouds dot the horizon
like letters fading in a magnifying glass
pavement sings in four part harmony
eagles stare as they sit by idly
buzzard buzz, bay windows moan
willows bend bracing for the snow
missed my turn, doesn't seem to matter
only one way home, its just around the corner


Sun shines through the clouds blood red
washboards in the road ahead
highway's gone...closed for repair
somewhere in the middle of anywhere
darkness falls just like a rug
cold creeps in just like a glove
fits tightly round tingling skin
where we just danced on a layer so thin


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